BMW i.

Innovative Power for your Fleet.

Electric cars in a company fleet? BMW i transforms this vision into reality. Groundbreaking developments in drive and battery technology as well as breakthroughs in charging
infrastructure make e-mobility viable for everyday use.

Sheer driving pleasure at top efficiency: True to the principle of BMW EfficientDynamics, BMW i is developing a slew of new e-mobility ideas, grasping the opportunities presented by innovative technologies such as eDrive and lightweight carbon materials. Especially for companies, the new BMW i3 ideally meets the demands of today’s urban mobility. Find out for yourself.

Please note: BMW i services and products may vary in different markets.

All-new thinking, all-new design, now available for your fleet – the BMW i3 is the solution for pure electric driving on the busy streets of today’s megacities.

Experience the advantages for yourself:
• 0 % local emissions
• Long electric driving range of up to 200 km*
• Motor power of 125 kW (170 hp)
• 250 Nm torque right from the first motor revolution
• From 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 s
• Lightweight, high-strength carbon body
• Tight turning radius of 9.86 m
• Spacious feel to interior, comparable to BMW 5 Series
• Range of up to 160 km in the BMW i3 in COMFORT mode
• Range of up to 300 km in the BMW i3 with Range Extender

* Driving range depending on a variety of factors, especially: personal driving behaviour, selected route, weather conditions, usage of heating/cooling, preconditioning.

The BMW i3: as flexible as your fleet

Whether as a personal company car, car pool vehicle or corporate car-sharing solution, the all-electric BMW i3 offers an impressive combination of functionality, versatility and easy handling, and delivers first-rate performance and an excellent range. We offer comprehensive advice on everything from charging infrastructures to replacement vehicles, to ensure the smooth integration of the BMW i3 into your company fleet in next to no time.

The BMW i3 interactive calculator

Calculate your potential savings – petrol versus electricity: do you know how much you can save on fuel and CO2 with a BMW i3? Take the test and make a comparison with our calculator. Taking into account your current fuel consumption and average mileage, the interactive application calculates your personal potential for savings with the all-electric BMW i3.


Integrated solutions for unlimited mobility. With 360° ELECTRIC from BMW i, you are fully prepared for every eventuality. From battery charging to networked navigation solutions, and the option of using conventional cars for holiday trips with BMW Add-on Mobility, our tailor-made Assistance and Mobility Services ensure you and your employees stay on the move at all times – wherever you are.

  • Electricity is the new petrol. A convenient Wallbox for overnight charging, rapid-charging stations you can use during lunch breaks or business meetings, and an intelligent navigation system that directs you around the growing network of public charging stations. Today, nothing stands in the way of a smooth integration of the BMW i3 into your fleet. The precondition for this is a charging infrastructure geared to the vehicles and their use. From the planning and selection process, to installation and maintenance, BMW i supports you through the entire process – with expert, straightforward advice tailored specifically to your needs.

  • With the BMW i3, you don’t need to restrict yourself to 200 kilometres*. As part of a BMW i fleet or company car contract, you have the option of temporarily switching to conventionally powered BMW models. If you’d rather not do without the BMW i3 for longer journeys, the optional Range Extender delivers an increased range of up to 300 kilometres*. It includes a petrol unit which supplies additional electricity for the electric motor.

    * Determined in internal BMW consumption studies. The driving range is depending on a variety of factors, especially: personal driving behaviour, selected route, weather conditions, usage of heating/cooling and preconditioning.

  • We’ve expanded our existing range of premium assistance services to meet the unique new demands of e-mobility – and the result is our comprehensive BMW i Mobile Care service package. Should a BMW i3 from your fleet break down or run out of power, you can rely on rapid support from a broad range of BMW i Services, covering everything from immediate assistance with charging problems and mobile charging solutions in emergencies, to towing services and guaranteed replacement cars, and even special maintenance and repairs.

  • With intelligent and fully networked BMW i ConnectedDrive Services, your employees reach their destinations easily and in a relaxed frame of mind. BMW i Navigation with Driving Range Assistant and charging point display calculates the most efficient route based on the individual driving style, the traffic conditions and the battery charge level. The navigation system also flags up all available charging stations on the route as well as alternative means of transport. What’s more, the BMW i Remote App allows you to plan the optimal route before setting off and check the maximum range whenever you need to. Using the smartphone app, you can access key data such as the battery charge level, range, and charging stations at any time.

The new BMW i8: the most progressive sports car

Progress does not accept compromise. It pushes the boundaries of the possible - and goes beyond them. This is how a vision becomes reality – for a future you can experience today. The new BMW i8 is a reality: a full-blooded sports car that comes with innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technology including eDrive and intelligent lightweight construction to deliver an exceptionally dynamic driving experience. Yet its consumption is comparable to that of a compact car.