Bringing your new BMW to you.

Wherever you are stationed, we make taking delivery of your new BMW as easy as possible. We can deliver to your local authorized Military Sales dealer or you can collect the car from BMW Welt in Munich. We can also ensure your BMW is waiting for you back in the US. Not only can we deliver your new vehicle straight to your local US dealer, we can also arrange for a BMW purchased in Europe to be shipped home once your overseas deployment comes to an end.

Local delivery

Even if you’re stationed far from home, we can still bring your US specification BMW to you. We’ll deliver your vehicle to your local BMW Military Sales dealer, provided there is one in your area of deployment and national legislation permits the import and registration of US specification vehicles. All you have to do is take the keys and drive.

Support starts here.

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Home shipment

If you want to take your BMW back home when your overseas posting ends, we can help you there too. Our authorized shipping partners can arrange transportation from Europe to one of five US ports. Simply drive your BMW to one of the designated drop-off points and collect it from the port of entry nearest you. Customer will only be liable for local US handling fees and charges, depending on military employment status and duration of deployment as well as local legislation of state.

BMW Welt

Wherever you are based, you can arrange to collect your vehicle from BMW Welt, the home of the brand. Take the opportunity to explore Munich, or combine your trip with a tour of the BMW factory. Then get to know your new BMW on some of the wonderful Bavarian roads.