A new dimension in coupé design.

Perfectly balanced coupé proportions, top-quality details and athletic sophistication: the
BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé is the first representative of a new generation of vehicles that are sporty and elegant in equal measure.

The elongated silhouette of the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé with extended lines and powerfully modelled surfaces makes for precise interplay between light and shade. The exciting front creates an impression of flatness and athleticism. And the rear, with its horizontal lines and 'broad shoulders', emphasizes the sporty presence of the car.

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The future of intelligent connectivity.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive adds form to the otherwise invisible technologies for interlinking driver, vehicle and the outside world. The idea of freedom in increasingly complex driving situations is expressed in this emotional roadster.

The exciting design of the interior is divided into the three thematic worlds of BMW ConnectedDrive: safety, infotainment, comfort. Fibre optics highlight the interaction of the different themes with the driver, passenger or outside world.

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Efficiency – excitingly different.

Lightweight construction, optimised aerodynamics and innovative drive concept make the
BMW Vision EfficientDynamics a genuine sports car. Consumption, however, remains at the level of a compact car.

The layering effect in the design opens up a fascinating view into the future of sheer driving pleasure. Joints and hard surface transitions on the exterior and interior are not merely an expression of a new aesthetic. They are an active design function, assuming an aerodynamic function and thus saving weight.

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2011: BMW i3 CONCEPT.

The Megacity Vehicle.

The BMW i3 Concept has been developed for mobility in the urban environment and drives fully electrically. Its inspiring design expresses lightness. It combines its compact outer dimensions with the greatest possible interior space.

The passenger compartment made of CFRP permits a new style of interior design: behind the opposing ‘coach’ doors is a generous interior with full-width seat benches. On the exterior, the ‘Stream Flow’ – the C-pillar area with its novel design – has a similar recognition value to the Hofmeister kink so typical of BMW.

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2011: BMW i8 CONCEPT.

The sports car of the future, already reality today.

The BMW i8 Concept is the vision of a sustainable sports car that has now become reality. Its exciting contours and flat silhouette send out a clear message: the thrilling three-litre car of tomorrow.

You enter the interior through the transparent swing doors. Behind the steering wheel, dynamic contours pointing in the direction of travel enclose the driver. The result is to immerse the driver completely in the experience of driving.

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Sustainability for all the senses.

The BMW i8 Concept Spyder is the further development of the BMW i8 Concept and exhibits non-transparent wing doors in a BMW i model for the first time. The exterior promises exceptional dynamism through the visible lightness and aerodynamics.

The interior has a puristic effect and uses newly developed sustainable materials. The antique white and the powerful orange of the naturally tanned leather create a warm, sporty ambience. At the focus of this study is the interior with intelligent applications that support efficient driving.

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Reinterpretation of a legend.

The BMW M1 of 1978 is regarded as the first super sports car by BMW. To coincide with the 30th birthday of the M1, the BMW M1 Hommage shows how BMW generates new ideas for the future from its rich tradition of ideas.

Like its legendary predecessor, the BMW M1 Hommage embodies pure emotion. In extremely flat and aerodynamically advantageous proportions, precise lines define the vehicle, increasing in speed as they approach the rear. A distinctive detail, also seen in the original, is the side air vent that aspirates the mid-positioned engine.

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The BMW M1: the super sports car from BMW. Explore

2011: BMW 328 HOMMAGE.

75 years of the BMW 328 legend.

For many, the BMW 328 Roadster is the most successful and most beautiful sports car of the 1930s. In honour of its 75th birthday, the BMW Design team is celebrating it with the BMW 328 Hommage.

The outer shell made of visible carbon fibre is reminiscent of the lightweight construction technique first systematically employed in the BMW 328. In a modern interpretation, the leather straps over the bonnet, the vertical kidney grille and the characteristic hole pattern of the original rims seize on characteristic design features of the BMW 328.

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BMW 328 MilleMiglia: the ‘Crease Roadster’. Explore


Captivates everyone. Fears nothing.

Striking proportions, sculptured contours and refined details as far as the eye can see: with the BMW Concept X4, the X6 Sports Activity Coupé success story blazes a trail into a new vehicle segment.

The BMW Concept X4 exudes dynamics from all angles. With its wedge-shaped silhouette, long wheelbase, extended glass surfaces and powerful front and rear with short overhangs, this concept vehicle sends out one message even before it’s left the blocks: this is a vehicle that is simply raring to hit the road.

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Modern luxury reinvented.

The BMW Concept CS is a 4-door coupé study that embodies the essence of BMW Design: a perfect combination of dynamism and exclusivity with high-quality materials. In 2006, it provides a preview of the aesthetic spectrum of BMW models to come.

The BMW Concept CS shows modern luxury and sporting character. It combines elements of a sedan, a coupé and a roadster thus embodying the core of BMW design. Precisely styled down to the last detail and implemented with perfect handicraft, familiar features from the BMW 3.0 CS are translated into the modern era.

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The BMW 3.0 CS from 1971: Irresistible elegance. Explore

2001: BMW X COUPÉ.

The first BMW crossover concept: A new design experience.

The BMW X Coupé is a creative source of stimuli. A pioneer for the BMW Design of the 21st century. In this vehicle, a coupé and an X vehicle merge into one ground-breaking design experience.

The unbridled creative energy of the BMW X Coupé is revealed in the expressively active treatment of surfaces. It is this styling that still gives BMW Design its independent character today. Furthermore, asymmetric details are deliberately designed to be visually different, as are the reduced interior surfaces with their bold shapes.

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1999: BMW Z9 GT.

The beginning of a new era.

The BMW Z9 GT marks the beginning of a new era for BMW Design in which all models within the BMW family obtain their own independent character. Twenty-seven years after the BMW Turbo, the BMW Z9 GT is the first concept car developed at BMW Design.

The BMW Z9 GT anticipates the styling of the following BMW 7 Series and BMW 6 Series and surprises with innovative solutions both outside and inside. Inspiring wing doors provide a view into the modern interior. Also on show for the first time is the intuitive operating system iDrive.

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Geometry In N Adaptations.

The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model is a vision of the future and a research object at the same time. It is a symbol of challenging and consciously breaking through as many conventions of automobile construction as possible.

GINA stands for ‘Geometry and functions In “N” Adaptation’. It interacts with the driver: with the aid of the flexible outer shell and via the mobile substructure, the vehicle is able to adapt to different driving conditions, while on the inside, individual functions are only released when the driver needs them.

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