BMW M GmbH : M Agility

Challenging limits.

The fluid interplay between braking, lateral acceleration and acceleration forward: the search for the ideal line is the search for the perfection even under extreme circumstances. And BMW M automobiles rise to the occasion time and again.
The core: intelligent light-weight construction with a low-lying centre of gravity and low unsprung mass, a stiff chassis, suspension and dampers which work as well on the high-traction surface of the race track as on the twisting turns of an Alpine pass. The casing: a roof of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, sides of thermoplastic, chassis of aluminium. The refinements: Electronic Damper Control, Dymamic Performance Control, M Dynamic Mode. Words such as "razor-sharp handling" and "outstanding feedback" pale into insignificance compared to the real sensation when you get behind the wheel of a BMW M automobile.