The BMW M3 Coupé.

In the BMW M3 Coupé you will instantly feel at home on the race track. The powerfully expressive front section provides lots of room for the heart of this high-performance sports car: the V8 high-revving engine. Every detail of the BMW M3 Coupé is optimised for minimum lift - even the exterior mirrors. With its powerful shaping, the BMW M3 Coupé promises uncompromising driving dynamics in its purest form. You can find out for yourself on a BMW Driving Experience course.

Technical specifications:

-   Rated output   309 kW
-   Fuel consumption   12.4 l/100 km combined
-   CO2 emissions   295 g/km
-   Acceleration   0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 s
-   Transmission   6-speed transmission
-   Drive   Rear-wheel drive