BMW Basic Training for Professionals.

BMW Training for Professionals.

BMW Basic Training for Professionals.

As a chauffeur you have a special responsibility for your passengers. BMW Basic Training for Professionals is specially conceived to address these high standards and lays the foundation for supremely confident handling of your vehicle in everyday driving and in special situations. The basis is always the correct seating positioning and steering wheel posture. You will practise emergency stops, avoidance manoeuvres and emergency lane changes so as to be able to respond appropriately to obstacles which suddenly appear. The ability to professionally maintain control of an oversteering or understeering vehicle is another valuable skill applied during the final timed slalom. After all, being able to react perfectly under pressure is what makes an expert.

Training venue:
The BMW Basic Training for Professionals is held at selected training grounds.

Duration/number of participants:
1 day (theory the evening before)/max. 8 participants per group

This training course uses current BMW models.

Price includes:
Theory of driving dynamics, practical driving exercises, 1 overnight stay with full board in single room, insurance

No previous experience is required for this driver training course.

925,00 EUR

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“The driving exercises of the BMW Training for Professionals give you a calm, confident feel for your vehicle. With the experience I gained here it is much easier for me to keep my head in critical situations.”