BMW Snow and Ice Training

BMW Snow and Ice Training.

BMW Snow Drift Training.

You have probably often admired rallye drivers as they drift through bends with perfect control. This demands genuine skill. Drifting is a lot of fun and also contributes to greater safety in hazardous situations. While drifting, the rear wheels will lock in a controlled way, making it possible to drive through bends more effectively. As elegant as a dancer on the ballroom floor you will slide through bends during the BMW Snow Drift Training in Sölden. You are sure to get the hang of this and will learn how to control the 420 HP of the BMW M3 on snow or ice.

The training course at a glance:
• Theory of driving dynamics, concentrating on “drifting”
• Handling
• Oversteering
• Drifting
• Drift slalom
• Drift course

Training venue:
BMW Snow Drift Training is held in Sölden, Austria.

Duration/number of participants:
½ day, max. 10 participants

You will use current BMW models to complete the course (depending on availability)

Price includes:
Theory of dynamic driving, concentrating on “drifting”, practical driving exercises, insurance

This course requires no prior knowledge.

EUR 390.00

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“The BMW Snow and Ice Training course showed me the pleasant side of driving on icy tracks. Absolutely perfect driving fun! And now I know I have safe control of my car, even when things get critical."