BMW Assist.

Help when you need it most - supporting you in an emergency, guiding you in unfamiliar territory and enabling you to avoid traffic jams: BMW Assist provides reliable help in every situation, bringing you safely and quickly to your destination.

The telematics services from BMW are part of BMW ConnectedDrive, the intelligent network of information, communication and assistance systems inside and outside the vehicle.

BMW Assist stands for comfort and safety: in the event of an accident the crash sensors are activated and the system sends an automatic signal to the BMW Assist call centre and puts you in touch with a member of staff. At the same time, the system transmits information on the vehicle’s location, injury risk, seat occupancy, model and colour to facilitate a rescue in the shortest possible time. The emergency call can also be made manually, if necessary, e.g. if you witness an accident.

BMW Breakdown Service keeps you mobile in every situation: the system automatically sends your position and relevant vehicle data straight to the mobile service, which ensures you can continue your journey as soon as possible.

If you accidentally lock yourself out of the car or if you’re unsure whether you locked it, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. The My BMW Remote App allows you find your BMW easily in a crowded car park by using your iPhone to flash the lights. Or you can set the temperature in the vehicle’s interior in advance. You can also use the BMW Assist remote function. One phone call to the BMW Assist call centre is enough to have the vehicle unlocked or locked or to set the temperature to the desired level.

Should you also require it, BMW Assist can give you up-to-the minute traffic information and suggest detours thanks to over 4,000 sensors positioned along the German Autobahn that network measure traffic congestion. In addition, an innovative system is available for all new BMW models: the Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is a new generation of traffic-information system that transmits the results in real time.

ConnectedDrive and Google keep you well-informed as you can access the Internet directly from your BMW. Looking for a hotel or the nearest restaurant? Call up the results in your navigation system with a press of a button and away you go. If you’d rather plan your trip from home, use the ‘Google Send to Car’ function from BMW Assist to send the results from Google Maps to your navigation system. The telephone information service from BMW Assist can also get you the local information you need. The service connects you to the BMW call centre at any time of day or night at no extra charge.