Drivers’ Profiles.

Drivers’ Profiles allow drivers to save and call up individual settings in the vehicle – from the height of the seat, the preferred setting to the favourite radio station.

A BMW driver can configure many of the driving, comfort and infotainment functions in his vehicle to suit his preferences. On leaving the vehicle the individual settings of the relevant control units are automatically saved in a profile file and assigned to the radio control key that was used. These settings are activated as soon as this key is used again. Three radio control keys can thus store three drivers’ profiles. This is a good idea when several people drive the same BMW, e.g. if it’s used as a company car. Alternatively, if only one remote control key is used, the different drivers’ profiles can also be accessed from the on-board computer via the Control Display (Settings  Profiles). The profile can then be renamed, deleted or exported so it can be used in another BMW. This is done using a USB stick via the USB interface or by first saving the profile on the BMW Online Portal and then accessing it form there.

Drivers’ profiles are a part of BMW ConnectedDrive, the intelligent network of drivers, vehicle and the world. They can be used for diverse bundling: for radio stations, hi-fi system, navigation, favourite buttons, seat, mirror, driving column, camera, light, central locking, Head-up Display, air conditioning, driver assistance systems and driving dynamics. There are four profiles available for each vehicle.