LED technology.

The application of LED technology in rear lights saves energy and makes your BMW safer. For example, brake lights are activated faster so drivers behind have more time to react.

Light emitting diodes (LED) use up to 50% less electricity than conventional incandescent lamps and have a far greater service life. When LEDs reach the end of their service life, they do not fail immediately, as conventional light bulbs do, but instead gradually lose intensity.

Another compelling reason for using LED technology in brake lights is their faster reaction times compared to conventional lamps. They instantly convert an electrical signal into light and are perceived faster. In modern BMW LED headlights (as used in the BMW 6 Series Coupé) the LEDs ensure optimal illumination of the road whether using low or high beams: the light they produce is very similar to sunlight and especially gentle to the eyes. Depending on the model light-emitting diodes can also be used in daytime running lights, brake lights, indicator lights and end lights.

Particularly in daylight, the use of LEDs ensures good visibility for a fraction of the output of the entire lighting system. LEDs ensure optimum lighting conditions making it easy to read books, files, etc.