Manual transmission.

Six gears. Unparalled driving pleasure. The perfectly-calibrated BMW manual transmission is particularly popular with sporty drivers due to its precise handling and short-throw shifts.

The six forwards gears on the BMW manual transmission are precisely configured according to the individual driving style and harmoniously gradated. This guarantees easy shifting in any driving situation; just a small movement of the gear selector lever and the gears click into place. Then the clutch takes over, channels the energy to the drive wheels and the engine’s powerful torque is transferred to the streets. Whether cruising comfortably or changing gears rapidly on curved roads, the optimally gradated transmission reveals the entire spectrum of the engine’s capabilities and enables a sporty driving experience in any situation. The gear shift indicator continually shows the driver the best gear to use for low consumption in that particular driving style. This makes it easier to shift gears at the right time and thus save fuel. The BMW manual transmission also reduces consumption when the car isn’t moving; if the vehicle comes to a standstill while a gear is engaged, the Auto Start Stop function automatically turns off the engine when the clutch is released. Unnecessary fuel consumption is avoided and emissions are reduced. To carry on driving simply press on the clutch to restart the engine.