On-board computer.

The on-board computer gives you a fast, easy-to-understand overview of key trip information and provides timely warning about black ice. On some models, the instrument panel display also shows status messages from the Driver Assistant so you always have all the relevant information at a glance.

The on-board computer in the instrument panel complements the four analogue dials: fuel gauge, speedometer, rev counter and fuel consumption or oil temperature gauge. The on-board computer has a standard LCD display or a high-resolution wide-screen colour display depending on the vehicle and equipment.

In addition to key information like average consumption and speed, estimated time of arrival and remaining distance to next filling station, the display also shows Check Control warnings and information from the Driver Assistant. For example, Speed Limit Info allows the on-board computer to keep the driver informed about current speed limits as well as the status of the Active Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning. It also displays messages and status updates from the Entertainment and Communication functions as well as Navigation and Service information directly in the instrument panel. The driver can switch between different views and functions using the buttons on the indicator, the multifunction steering wheel or the iDrive Controller.