The BMW 3 Series Sedan with xDrive
The BMW 3 Series Coupé with xDrive
The BMW 3 Series Touring with xDrive
The BMW 5 Series Sedan with xDrive
The BMW 5 Series Touring with xDrive
The new BMW 7 Series with xDrive
The all-new BMW X1 with xDrive
The BMW X3 with xDrive
The BMW X5 with xDrive
The new BMW X5 M with xDrive
The new BMW X6 with xDrive
The new BMW X6 M with xDrive

Joy turns dreams into reality.

The BMW 3 Series Sedan with xDrive.

Joy grows with every single accomplishment, still searching for new goals to reach. In the BMW 3 Series Joy found a perfect match. Equipped with BMW EfficientDynamics, the BMW 3 Series with xDrive is one of the cleanest-running vehicles in its class, delivering more power and lower emissions for every drop of fuel.

Powerful, agile and thrillingly responsive, the BMW 3 Series with xDrive gives Joy a home on every road, in every curve and in every situation.

Joy is inspiring.

The BMW 3 Series Coupé with xDrive.

Joy is deeply moving, even at 0 km/h. It’s the proportions that make Joy look exquisitely dynamic. Just like the BMW 3 Series Coupé. And it’s the first Coupé with xDrive, the intelligent 4x4 system from BMW. This all-wheel-drive system feeds engine power to both axles as the situation requires. And even at low engine speeds, the power unit of the BMW 3 Series Coupé is quick to impress with its maximum torque. And with BMW xDrive you can enjoy the vehicle’s power and agility to the full - on every surface.

Joy is removing snow without a shovel.

The BMW 3 Series Touring with xDrive.

Joy loves to act on impulse and spontaneously: Compact on the outside, generously spacious on the inside, the BMW 3 Series Touring provides all of its passengers with lots of leg- and headroom and enough space for their luggage. With the rear seat in upright position, the boot possesses 460 litres of stowage space. And naturally, the driving pleasure is inclusive - with BMW xDrive preventing any under- or oversteer.

Enjoy spontaneity - whenever you feel like it. The BMW 3 Series Touring is the perfect match.

Joy is at the head of its class.

The BMW 5 Series Sedan with xDrive.

Joy knows how to reach the top, always thriving for excellence. That is why the BMW 5 Series Sedan with BMW xDrive is always actively on course, converging dynamics, functionality and style in an effortless, compelling synthesis. And in the BMW 5 Series xDrive models, the intelligent 4x4 system BMW xDrive ensures optimum handling and excellent traction on all surfaces.

Experience the premium sedan that redefines an entire segment. Experience the BMW 5 Series Sedan with xDrive.

Joy gives you room to move.

The BMW 5 Series Touring with xDrive.

Joy is genuinely generous and gives you all the space you need. Because when it comes to your comfort, every detail counts. That is why the BMW 5 Series Touring offers up to three rear-seat passengers plenty of legroom, headroom and the opportunity to gaze at the clouds through the panorama glass roof. And in front, you immediately sense the ergonomic intelligence of the cockpit design. Which is one reason why the shortest route may not be your first choice in this four-door racecar. Perfect traction in every situation with BMW xDrive surely is another.

Joy gives you room to manoeuvre - with BMW xDrive you can use it wherever you go.

Joy is unconditional in all conditions.

The new BMW 7 Series with xDrive.

Joy is never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, Joy loves surprises and innovations. Which is why the BMW 7 Series Sedan is now available with the most intelligent 4x4 system xDrive. The most dynamic premium sedan optionally features the Integral Active Steering system which varies the steering angle of the rear wheels - thus increasing safety, stability and comfort to particularly benefit rear-seat passengers. And ensuring that travelling in the BMW 7 Series Sedan remains an undisturbed pleasure.

Now, this can be paired with BMW xDrive, distributing the sheer power of the V8 engine between the axles precisely as needed. Steering becomes even more accurate and responsive with BMW xDrive - the most intelligent 4x4 system, allowing you to manage even challenging driving situations with consummate ease.

Joy is experiencing superior handling all the way. Joy is the BMW 7 Series Sedan with xDrive.

Joy follows its heart, not the GPS.

The all-new BMW X1 with xDrive.

Joy does not take orders from a computer. It answers to the moment. Joy has found its soulmate in the all-new BMW X1. Both versatile and functional, this powerfully efficient SAV only serves to encourage Joy’s impulsive behaviour. Spacious interior, split folding seating, increased towing capacity - the new BMW X1 is perfectly engineered for wherever spontaneity takes it. And on the rare occasion Joy finds itself hopelessly lost, then the GPS can guide it back home.

The all new BMW X1: Joy is what you make of it.

Joy always finds a way.

The BMW X3 with xDrive.

Joy does not like constraints. Not in the form of city limits, road verges or snow banks. It likes to be free to go wherever it wants to go. In a BMW X3 every journey is possible. Thanks to its outstanding technologies - such as the superior all-wheel drive system, BMW xDrive, and state-of-the-art high performance engines - it can take you to every corner of the world.

It’s not only powerful and confident, it’s also responsible and efficient. The BMW X3 xDrive18d features the most efficient four-cylinder common rail diesel engine with 143 hp, needs 6.2 litres of diesel every 100 kilometres and emits 165 g carbon dioxide per kilometre. So you’re free to venture wherever your heart takes you - without being tied to a fuel pump.

Joy is a libertine - discover what makes the open road so open. Discover the BMW X3.

Joy is a snowmobile that seats seven.

The BMW X5 with xDrive.

Joy sets the pace. Not only on the road, but in terms of innovation and technology as well. When first introduced by BMW, the BMW X5 established an entirely new segment of automobiles: the Sports Activity Vehicle. Since then it has won many imitators. But still the BMW X5 is a few steps ahead. With its elegant, sporty and robust looks, its more powerful, more fuel-efficient engines, it delivers even greater agility and enhanced ride comfort. Inside, its cabin achieves the perfect fusion of elegance and spaciousness - while seating up to seven comfortably.

The BMW X5 sets the benchmark for a joyful ride once again.

Joy is in command.

The new BMW X5 M with xDrive.

Joy loves to put the foot down - with stunning 555 hp easily adding authority to its position. Hence, the intelligent BMW all-wheel drive system has been especially set up in the BMW X5 M with a rear-wheel drive bias to provide typical M driving characteristics. The result: a chance for controlled drifting for the first time in an all-wheel drive vehicle. In extremely dynamic driving situations, the vehicle can also be steered with the accelerator – so you can put your best foot forward to enjoy maximum driving pleasure.

Because paired with BMW xDrive, BMW Driving Performance Control ensures breathtaking acceleration, maximum dynamics and extreme cornering qualities.

Joy is in command in every bend with the BMW X5 M.

Joy gives you unrestricted freedom.

The new BMW X6 with xDrive.

Joy doesn’t want to choose between either a Coupé or a Sports Activity Vehicle. Joy wants to be both at the same time. Just like the BMW X6 - the definition of the Sports Activity Coupé. As the first of its kind, it combines the agility, performance and athletic design of a BMW Coupé with the versatility and raised seat position of a SAV.

Powered by a V8 engine with High Precision Injection, controlled by BMW xDrive and the BMW Driving Performance Control and filled with a generous spaciousness, the BMW X6 is perfectly equipped for an open-minded lifestyle without any limits.

Strive for the joy of driving. Take your place in the BMW X6.

Joy is ready for the pole position.

The new BMW X6 M with xDrive.

Joy takes thrilling performance to the next level. With 555 hp coming from the superb M Twin Turbo power unit, Joy offers matchless responsiveness in the BMW X6 M. And thanks to BMW xDrive and BMW Driving Performance Control, handling is razor-sharp, stable and unfailingly precise. The advantage of the intelligent 4x4 system - featured in a BMW M model for the first time - lies in its ability not only to enhance traction, but also to cancel out understeer and oversteer at an early stage.

Joy loves the letter M – for you to enjoy the new BMW X6 M.