The all-new BMW 1Series 3-door.

BMW 1 Series 3-door : Driving dynamics highlights
BMW TwinPower Turbo engine More information

TwinPower Turbo engine

Proven BMW TwinPower Turbo technology that combines a common rail direct injection system and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, as well as a fully aluminium engine block allow this diesel engine to record the best power-to-weight ratio of its class.*

*from November 2012

BMW xDrive More information

BMW xDrive

On cobblestones or wet road markings, at level crossings and on country roads: loss of traction is countered by distributing power evenly between the front and rear axes. BMW xDrive thus ensures optimum safety and pure driving dynamics in any whether and on any driving surface.*

*from November 2012

Adaptive M suspension More information

Adaptive M suspension

Lowering the chassis by 10 mm produces increased sportiness and agility without any loss in driving comfort. During the journey, sensors continuously analyse the road profile. The chassis adapts within milliseconds. The driving experience switch allows the driver to choose between a sporty setting and one with an emphasis on comfort.

Variable sport steering More information

Variable sport steering

Keeps you perfectly on course: the variable sport steering with flexible steering gear transmission adjusts the steering angle to suit every driving situation. Whether it’s tight curves in the city or demanding hilly drives – the variable sport steering masters them with absolute precision.

Design highlights

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