Through or around the congested traffic with ease: Real Time Traffic Information
(RTTI) by BMW ConnectedDrive provides a level of reliability and precision in the
generation, transmission and use of real-time traffic conditions for calculating
routes and recommending detours that is unique in the automobile sector.
Apart from motorways and major roads, the new system also includes country roads
and numerous inner-city routes. Considerably more data are taken into account to
analyse the traffic situation and are more frequently updated than is the
case with the radio-based Traffic Message Channel (TMC). In future you will
therefore receive more than a tailback warning on your current route
because precise details of the traffic situation on a potential detour are
supplied as well. Unexpected delays on the alternative route are therefore
banished to the past. Instead, even under difficult conditions, the navigation
system will always find the route that really is the fastest to your destination.


It’s good to know where a traffic problem is expected in time.
But it’s better if you have all the up-to-the-minute details.
Real-Time Traffic Information supplies the whole picture: what is causing
the hold-up (e.g. roadworks, accident) or how long the tailback is.
It is even possible to read continuously updated figures for the average
speed within the problem area and what delay you can expect to your journey.
Changes on the map image help the driver to recognize whether the traffic
situation is worsening or whether the tailback is clearing.


All Real-Time Traffic Information is updated continuously so that you can react
to new developments at once. Ideally, you will be able to entirely avoid
any traffic situations that might unnecessarily delay the journey.
Thanks to the use of the mobile phone network, new information
is also transmitted substantially faster than via radio.


The database for all Real-Time Traffic Information is not limited to motorways
and main arterial routes. With the exception of recognised residential areas,
the system records all important roads in towns and communities
as well as the relevant overland road network and includes them in the output
of traffic data. This leads to precise recommendations for detours via
alternative routes.