The all-new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.


The new BMW 3 Series Sedan.


The all-new BMW 3 Series Touring.


The BMW 3 Series models combine the joy of driving and practicality for daily use, ranging from the BMW 3 Series Sedan, BMW 3 Series Touring, BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo to the BMW 3 Series Convertible. The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 represents the next generation of hybrid vehicles.

BMW 3 Series Sedan


BMW ActiveHybrid 3


BMW 3 Series Touring


BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo


The BMW 3 Series Sedan is available for the first time in the BMW Lines Sport, Luxury and Modern. Choose an expressive personality and adapt your vehicle to suit your needs. The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series Sedan continues to set standards – with impressive dynamics and low consumption. In addition, BMW xDrive, the intelligent all-wheel drive, makes every road, every corner and every driving situation a pleasure. The apex of efficiency: the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition with an average consumption of 4.1 l/km and CO2 emissions of only 109 g/km.

The BMW 3 Series Touring invites you to discover the world: it blends versatility and innovative technologies for a sporty and confident appearance. Its BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol and diesel engines offer high dynamics with markedly reduced consumption. The BMW 320d, an economical and powerful diesel engine, ensures no distance is too far: thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics measures, you can travel over 1,200 km on one tank of fuel.

The perfect interplay of form and space in and on the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo creates a coupé-like elegance that appears simultaneously powerful and dynamic – along with an impressive sense of space. This gives it a unique, unmistakeable signature. And this is made more distinctive with the M Sport package or the BMW Lines Modern, Luxury and Sport.

The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is the world’s first compact premium sports sedan with full hybrid drive. As befits the long tradition of the BMW 3 Series, the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 has a modern and powerful appearance. And it can be customised to suit individual tastes with the expressive BMW Lines Sport, Luxury and Modern.

Whether you’re looking for a used or new BMW 3 Series, you’ll find all the information you need here, along with test reports and financing and leasing offers for the current BMW 3 Series and, of course, a BMW dealer for your test drive.