BMW Assist.

BMW Assist puts you in control of your travel plans. Its automatic emergency call feature and breakdown assistance request, including vehicle location data, enhance your safety. Up-to-date traffic information, congestion reports and alternative route suggestions can be called up at the press of a button, plus information about hotels, restaurants and other useful addresses. These can be entered directly in the navigation system.

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BMW Online.

BMW Online is an internet-based feature, offering individually tailored information services including news and business updates. Access useful travel information directly from your BMW: from the locations of available parking spaces to the address of the nearest cinema or chemist’s. With its address book feature and e-mail function, BMW Online transforms your BMW 5 Series Touring into a mobile office (only in connection with the optional Professional navigation system and integrated preparation for mobile phones with Bluetooth interface).

Internet access.

Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive, the internet can be used freely for the first time in an automobile. You can enter the address of any website you require or open a site directly using one of the favourite buttons. The iDrive Controller in the central console functions in the same way as a standard computer mouse.

Navigation systems for
the BMW 5 Series Sedan.

Get to your destination faster and safer with the optional navigation system Professional. For increased safety, the optional Voice Control including block destination entry allows you to specify new destinations by stating just one sentence without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Satellite images and 3D route maps can be displayed on the high-resolution 8.8-inch screen next to one another using the split-screen mode. The alternative optional navigation system Business displays arrows and 2D maps on the 6.5-inch monitor to direct you to your destination.

Mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface
in the BMW 5 Series Sedan.

The cordless Bluetooth mobile phone means you can do away with the cumbersome cable between your mobile handset and the hands-free equipment. Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones register with the on-board computer via the optional interface as soon as the driver approaches the vehicle. Telephone numbers, addresses and call lists are then automatically synchronised with the on-board computer. During the journey, the mobile phone can be operated using the multifunction steering wheel or the hands-free equipment. There is a snap-in-adapter available for the Apple iPhone. Your local BMW Centre will be happy to inform you of the mobile phones with which the Bluetooth interface is compatible.

USB audio interface in the BMW 5 Series Sedan.

The universal connection point: the optional USB audio interface lets you connect practically any audio device into the BMW 5 Series Sedan's sound system. Standard MP3 players connect via the USB port. The auxiliary input (AUX IN) socket lets you connect devices via a cable from their headphone socket - from DAT recorders to MiniDisc players.

The digital road maps update
for the BMW 5 Series Sedan.

Putting current traffic and tourist information at your fingertips: digital road maps for BMW navigation systems are available on CD or DVD and are updated twice yearly. With up-to-date map material, you will always find the best route to your destination.
Whether you're looking for the shortest route, scenic roads, how to avoid traffic jams, a parking space or even restaurant tips, BMW digital road maps have the answers, letting you know as much about your new destination as you do about your home town.