M seats in the BMW M5 Sedan.

Comfort and support on curves and straights: the M seats were developed for drivers with performance on their minds. The backrest width, thigh support angle and optional lumbar supports can be adjusted, while the seat heating has three different temperatures. All settings can be saved and reactivated for your individual comfort. And there's more: the optional M multifunction seats with active backrest width regulation and electronic shoulder supports take occupant comfort to a new level.

Interior materials in the BMW M5 Sedan.

Driving style means to drive in style, and style surrounds you from the moment you enter the BMW M5 Sedan. The standard Merino leather upholstery is not just confined to the seats and the instrument panel - the centre console and sections of the door interiors also impress with their exclusive leather cladding. If you want even more luxury, the roof liner and columns can be covered with Alcantara Anthracite. Interior trims reserved for M elegance include brushed aluminium or precious hardwoods, individually selected to enhance a unique ambiance.

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The boot on the BMW M5 Sedan.

Generosity is clearly a chief quality of the BMW M5 Sedan: generous power, generous interior space, and a generous boot with room for four 9-inch golf bags or two large and three small hard suitcases. Or, if you prefer metric measurements, it has a capacity of 500 litres. The low boot rim makes loading and unloading especially comfortable, while the two-part rear-seat backrest ensures yet more flexibility, should you, for example, need to include your ski bag as well.

Spaciousness in the BMW M5 Sedan.

Some sports cars are big on power but small on spaciousness. The BMW M5 Sedan is different: it has space for five passengers. Leg and shoulder room contribute to outstanding passenger comfort both in the front and rear. The climate control allows rear seat passengers to choose temperature settings independently of the front. Combined, these features make it clear that power is not the M5 Sedan's only strength: sports ambition can be combined with impressive spaciousness to raise every journey to a new level of comfort and performance.

Intelligent headrests in the BMW M5 Sedan.

Unexpected and abrupt head and neck movements carry a high risk of injury during rear-end collisions. Intelligent headrests help to significantly reduce this risk: during an impact to the rear of the vehicle they move forward within 20 milliseconds to protect passengers' heads as they jolt backwards.

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