There’s nothing quite like accelerating down an open road. And now you can measure this pleasure. Very precisely. So you know exactly how much power you release behind the wheel.

Measure driving performance in real time.
The M Power Meter app for your iPhone.

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Legal disclaimer

This application is intended for entertainment only! Please make sure you drive carefully, adhere to all speed limits and traffic regulations in your respective country and come to a safe standstill before you check your measurements. Do not use the application for speeding or racing. Do not check the display while driving. BMW cannot be held responsible for any damage inflicted on persons or objects of any amount. BMW is not liable for malfunctions of iPhone or loss of data resulting from use of the application. The use of this application is at your own risk. Measurements will deviate from actual values and do not reflect any official or other measurements of BMW AG. Values may vary and are subject to change depending on different conditions.