Intelligently connected with the BMW X5 M.

The mobile communication platform BMW ConnectedDrive connects the driver with the vehicle and the outside world. Innovative information, communication and driver assistant systems are constantly on hand to provide you with increased safety, driving comfort and infotainment whilst you're on the road. Whether you require traffic information, emails or direct enquiries, with BMW ConnectedDrive you are always guaranteed the information you need when you need it.

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Emergency call in the BMW X5 M.

In the case of an accident, help is now on hand quicker than ever before. As soon as the crash sensors on the vehicle are activated, you are automatically connected to the BMW Call Centre. The position of your vehicle as well as the data collected by the crash sensors (e.g. airbag activation or passenger occupancy) is evaluated and passed on. This ensures that the rescue services are fully informed as to the type of accident and are prepared when they arrive at the scene. If you witness an accident without being involved yourself, you can of course activate the emergency call manually.

Information services in the BMW X5 M.

Important addresses and telephone numbers at the touch of a button. If you are looking for nearby restaurants, hotels or points of interest, you can allow the information to be transferred directly to your vehicle and integrated in the navigation system. If your mobile phone is connected, you can also make calls to the location you are looking for directly. All of the transferred contact data is immediately saved in the address book, and if you require additional assistance, calls to the Information Service are free of charge for BMW ConnectedDrive customers.

Travel and leisure planning in the BMW X5 M.

With the Travel and Leisure Planner in the BMW X5 M, you can feel at home wherever you are in the world. Whether you're sightseeing or looking for a hotel, restaurant or nearby parking space, the system can lead you directly to the facility you need. The search results include address, contact and opening hours information and can be transferred at the press of a button to the navigation system or your mobile phone.

BMW Routes in the BMW X5 M.

BMW is the first automobile manufacture to provide the exclusive opportunity to put together routes on and transfer them to the vehicle. Whether you are looking for country drives, coastal roads or a tour of the lakes, you can always rely on BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW X5 M to show you the most inspiring BMW Routes. Once you've chosen where you want to go, the navigation system will show you the best way to get there including information in text and image format about the place you are heading and interesting stops along the way.

Remote functions for the BMW X5 M.

You've locked yourself out of your vehicle or are not sure if you've locked it properly? No problem – one call to the BMW Call Centre is all it takes to remotely lock or open the doors to your vehicle. And to make sure only you can access this service, you will be asked to specify your personal code to verify that you are the owner of your BMW.

BMW TeleServices.

Nobody knows better than your BMW if maintenance is required. With BMW TeleServices, your vehicle does all the work. Even before your next service appointment is due, your BMW sends an Automatic BMW Teleservice Call conveying up-to-date data on the vehicle's condition straight to your BMW Service Centre. And if you prefer to contact your Service Centre yourself, you can do so directly from your vehicle using the Manual BMW Teleservice Call. Your BMW Service Centre will then call you back to arrange a convenient appointment time.
In the unlikely event of a problem with your vehicle, BMW Teleservice Diagnosis and Help is on hand to fit it, without you having to go directly to the garage.

BMW TeleServices is currently only available in selected countries.