Super-sporty on all surfaces.

xDrive – the intelligent four-wheel drive system
on the BMW X6 M.

The advantage of the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system, featured in a BMW M model for the first time, lies in its ability not only to enhance traction, but also to cancel out oversteer and understeer at an early stage. It does this through the electronically controlled variable distribution of the 555 hp between the front and rear axle. This means that Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has to cut in less frequently, bringing benefits such as higher cornering speeds. The system is set up with a rear-drive bias which means that, depending on the situation, less drive is directed to the front axle. This enables controlled drifting for the first time in an all-wheel drive vehicle. So, in extremely dynamic driving situations, the vehicle can also be steered with the accelerator.