Navigation in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

Reach your destination quicker with the optional Professional navigation system. The 8.8-inch, high-resolution display provides detailed information for a more comprehensive overview of where you are heading. The full-screen map display, including a 3D option, allows you to see photo-realistic images of locations to provide orientation points on your journey. Any congestion problems are clearly marked in colour in the navigation system and an alternative route is suggested.

Mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth
interface for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

The optional Bluetooth interface provides a wireless connection between the vehicle and Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones. The phones are operated via the hands-free kit, multifunction steering wheel, iDrive Controller or Voice Control depending on the equipment options of the individual vehicle. Your local BMW dealer will be happy to inform you about which mobile phone devices (and software versions) are compatible with the optional Bluetooth interface.

USB/audio interface for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

How do you navigate through a library of 10,000 songs? Preferably on the road using the multifunction steering wheel or iDrive Controller. Almost all common MP3 players, USB sticks and iPods can be integrated effortlessly with the audio system. The title of the track being played is displayed either in iDrive or in the cockpit. Devices can be operated directly using the USB connection (and an additionally available connecting cable) in the central console.

Digital road maps for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

Putting current traffic and tourist information at your fingertips: digital road maps for BMW navigation systems are available on CD or DVD and are updated twice yearly. With up-to-date map material, you will always find the best route to your destination.
Whether you're looking for the shortest route, scenic roads, how to avoid traffic jams, a parking space or even restaurant tips, BMW digital road maps have the answers, letting you know as much about your new destination as you do about your home town.