BMW Assist.

BMW Assist turns your BMW into an expert travel manager. The both manual and automatic Emergency Call and Breakdown Assistance features (with vehicle location functionality) provide added safety. The Traffic Info Plus (V-Info+) and "My Info" services allow short messages and address information to be sent to your BMW, and a personal information service is also available around the clock free of charge. While you drive, the system compares incoming traffic data to your planned route, then suggests detours in the event of an upcoming jam. A wide range of information on topics such as hotels and restaurants is also available, and addresses can be sent straight to your navigation system if desired.

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BMW Apps with BMW Connected.

Well connected: now you no longer have to do without apps on your iPhone while on the road. Simply connect your iPhone to your BMW using the snap-in adapter or the original Apple connector cable and you can comfortably operate individual apps with the iDrive Controller.

“BMW Connected” is a free app developed by BMW that brings Facebook, Twitter or your favourite web radio station in a clear overview to the main vehicle display in the cockpit. In addition, with the Last Navigation function and the Vehicle Finder you can reach the destinations set in the navigation system of your BMW even when you are outside of your vehicle as well as find your way back to your vehicle at any time. Functions available through the BMW Connected app are updated on a regular basis, and, of course, you can use apps certified by BMW in the future via BMW ConnectedDrive in the vehicle. Get ready for the next generation of mobile communication and mobile entertainment: with your iPhone and BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW Apps is compatible with iPhone GS3/4 and iPod Touch (with an active Wi-Fi connection) devices and requires the optional equipment “Apps”

BMW Online.

BMW Online provides tailor-made services such as stock exchange, parking and weather forecast information. You can also call up a wide range of information on your chosen route from the comfort of your own vehicle - anything from multi-storey parking space to the next open chemist's, or simply the nearest cinema. And when you need to work, the address management and e-mail functionality turns your BMW into a mobile office. And with the on-board Google Local Search, you can call up all the information you require directly from your vehicle using the Google Maps database and assign it to your personal profile so that you can transfer the data to another BMW either online or using a USB stick.

Internet access.

Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive, the internet can be used freely for the first time in an automobile. You can enter the address of any website you require or open a site directly using one of the favourite buttons. The iDrive Controller in the central console functions in the same way as a standard computer mouse.

Navigation system Professional
for the BMW X6.

Convenience plus speed: the optional navigation system Professional with integrated Bluetooth mobile phone preparation provides easy-to-follow directions, either as voice instruction or as arrows, and/or a route map on the high-resolution 16:9 colour screen. The screen, which also functions as a television, can be set to split-screen mode, so that the route map is displayed on one side and the arrow direction on the other. For increased safety, the Voice Control allows you to specify new destinations without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. The integrated hard drive stores all your maps, addresses, contacts and approximately 100 music CDs as MP3 files.

Bluetooth interface in the BMW X6.

For unrestricted, voice-controlled communication and maximum comfort, the cell phone preparation kit uses Bluetooth and a hands-free set-up. Using the snap-in adapter provided, you can connect cell phones from a wide range of providers effortlessly, then operate them via the multifunction steering wheel and voice commands whenever you wish. The included external arial keeps you in touch with your environment at all times.

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