Seating comfort in the BMW X6.

In the BMW X6, all seats offer exclusive comfort, perfect ergonomics and excellent lateral support. The standard driver and front passenger seats can be raised, lowered and angled electrically, while the optional, fully adjustable electric sports or comfort seats provide even higher levels of individual comfort. Rear passengers can enjoy two comfortable seats supplied as standard with sporty individual seat character and drink holders in the centre console. A 5-seat option available on request allows you to expand the rear compartment by adding an extra seat. This equipment option also includes three integrated headrests and three-point belts on all seats.

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Luggage space in the BMW X6.

Versatility needs room to unfold, so the BMW X6 offers a maximum 570 l of luggage space (enough for four golf bags) when all four seats are in use. Fold down the rear seat backs, and that figure climbs to a generous 1,450 l. Intelligent stowage solutions and a wide range of storage options make the available space seem even bigger, and underscore the exclusive versatility of this car concept. The optional Adaptive Fixing System structures the boot space and enables smaller luggage to be fixed easily.

Rear Seat Entertainment system
for the BMW X6.

The BMW X6 offers an optional entertainment system for rear-seat passengers. The system includes a generous 8-inch colour monitor on the centre console, a DVD player for audio, video or photo discs, a wireless remote, and a socket for normal or infrared headphones.

4-zone Automatic Climate Control
in the BMW X6.

Inside the BMW X6, the optional 4-zone Automatic Climate Control offers each occupant tailor-made air conditioning. With the aid of extra vents and an extra fan, even rear-seat passengers can enjoy their own individual climates.

Kneepads in the BMW X6.

In the BMW X6, driving pleasure and comfort go hand in hand - even when cornering hard. The optional, electrically adjustable sport seats provide outstanding lateral support, while leather-upholstered kneepads on the central console provide added lateral support for your legs. If you select leather upholstery for your car interior, the kneepads are covered in exactly the same leather.

Interior trims in the BMW X6.

With its extended range of interior trims, the BMW X6 offers even more opportunities to personalise your car’s interior. From technical Aluminium, finely brushed lengthwise through sporty Aluminium Flywheel black to modern Fine-wood trim bamboo grain dark, all the materials emphasise the vehicle’s sporting elegance while adding individual highlights of their own.

Audio systems for the BMW X6.

With its 4-channel amplifier and ten speakers, the Business radio fitted as standard in the BMW X6 delivers impressive audio enjoyment. For even greater performance, additional options are also available: the Professional LOGIC7 HiFi system and the twin-tuner Professional radio.

HiFi speaker systems in the BMW X6.

The HiFi package in the BMW X6 uses 12 speakers. A digital equalizer adjusts each audio-enhanced speaker to the current scenario inside the car. Compared with the stereo set-up, the system delivers twice the distortion-free acoustic pressure. Two centrally located speakers (a mid-range speaker and a tweeter) in the instrument panel produce a three-dimensional and highly discriminating acoustic sound effect to thrill the driver and passengers alike. The HiFi speaker systems (special equipment) include:

• A central bass speaker under each front seat
• A mid-range speaker and tweeter in each of the door panels
• A mid-range speaker and tweeter in the instrument panel
• A digital 7-channel amplifier with 205 W (5 x 25 W + 2 x 40 W)

HiFi Professional System in the BMW X6.

Experience the very finest in audio entertainment - inside the BMW X6. The optional 9-channel HiFi Professional System ensures superb sound, while the subwoofers installed under the front seats as standard add a whole new dimension to in-car audio enjoyment. With up to 16 speakers at their disposal, occupants are assured of crystal-clear listening pleasure in true surround quality.