BMW Z4: Safety systems

On the safe side.

Safety systems in the BMW Z4 Roadster.

A precisely-designed network of suspension, engine management, brakes and tyres, plus Dynamic Stability Control – all with one single objective: to keep the BMW Z4 Roadster safely on track, even in the most demanding situations. The head-thorax airbags are ideally positioned in the seats and are deployed as needed to deliver split-second protection for the vehicle's occupants, should a collision be unavoidable. And the particularly rigid side sills efficiently distribute energy in the case of a side impact. The safety concept of the BMW Z4 Roadster extends to pedestrians: the bonnet is automatically raised when a collision occurs, which absorbs the impact and can reduce the risk of injury. You can rely on the modern safety systems of BMW Z4 Roadster to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey!