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BMW M Laptimer

BMW M Laptimer App
Experience the pleasure of driving in tenths of a second and m/s². BMW M Laptimer is a tool for analysing data on racetracks and automatically calculating lap times. The app records precise BMW sensor data directly from every BMW model fitted with BMW Apps*.
Your driving style can be interpreted from a wide range of recorded sensor data, including your car's steering angle, accelerator pedal and G-force. Improve your lap times by analysing this data to increase your driving skill and precision.
Share a summary of your track day on Facebook and Twitter or email a recording of your laps to a friend and compare your track performance turn by turn.
* Only available in cars with Navigation system Professional.

Performance data
BMW M Laptimer records the following data:
- GPS position
- Speed
- Forward acceleration
- Lateral acceleration
- Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h or 60 mph
- Accelerator pedal*
- Steering angle*
- Deceleration*
- Engine speed*
- Gear*
- Consumption*
* Data may be unavailable for vehicles of certain models years and configurations. Please visit our support page for more details.

Note for users
To use BMW M Laptimer in your BMW, download the app from the App Store, connect your iPhone to a BMW via the USB connector or the Snap-in adapter, and launch the app. You will then be able to use your BMW's iDrive controller and display to create recordings and use other features in the car.
Analysis of a drive is performed on the iPhone after creating a recording in your car.

Safety notice
This application is intended for off-road use on closed tracks only. Always drive safely and do not use this application for speed or high risk driving. Driving the vehicle is solely the responsibility of the driver. Stop the vehicle safely before reviewing the recorded values and results. All values and results may vary due to different conditions and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about this app.

  • Vehicles can record all data with the latest Professional generation of
    navigation system, available in selected models since July 2012.

    The following vehicles equipped with an older generation of the navigation
    system do not support recording Throttle, RPM, and Fuel:

    1 series*
    3 series*
    5 series
    6 series
    7 series

    * Recording Throttle, RPM, and Fuel may be supported for certain vehicles of this model

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