Maintenance plus wear-and-tear:

BMW Service Inclusive Plus.

BMW Service Inclusive Plus covers not only scheduled service and maintenance but also wear-and-tear repairs giving you the freedom to concentrate on your number one priority: driving.

This package comprises:

• Engine oil service* including top-ups
• Service of micro filters, fuel filters, air filters and spark plugs
• Replacement of brake fluid
• Vehicle check and standard services as set out in the BMW Service Booklet

Wear and tear
• Replacement of front and rear brake pads
• Replacement of front and rear brake discs
• Replacement of clutch, as needed
• Replacement of windscreen wiper blades, as needed

Depending on the country you live in, you can purchase packages with contract terms up to ten years and mileage up to 200,000 km.

* BMW Mobile Care is subject to regular engine oil servicing at a BMW Authorised Workshop. Find out more at


Entitlement to BMW Service Inclusive services assumes that you have driven your car properly and had it serviced at the intervals displayed in the vehicle. The following items are not covered: fuel, contamination in the fuel system; damage to paint finish, body, covers, panels; glass damage (e.g. windows, headlights); wind, squeaking and rattling noises, as well as smells; tyres, wheel damage and wheel imbalances; repairs to accessories, which were not included when the new vehicle was ordered; repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (e.g. engine damage due to insufficient oil or participation in racing events). Services provided by BMW Mobile Care as well as statutory warranty claims and exclusions, as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.

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