Mobile apps.


Mobile apps.

BMW APPS.Mobile apps.

Download selected apps onto your smartphone or tablet for use on the device or in your BMW directly.


BMW Connected is a personal mobility assistant which facilitates everyday mobility and aids drivers in reaching their destinations relaxed and on time. All relevant services are also remotely available at all times on iPhone® und Apple Watch® via the app.

The Remote Services of the BMW Connected App for plug-in hybrids for iOS display detailed information regarding the current status of the BMW – such as the vehicle's location, the battery level and remaining range.


The Driver’s Guide is a vehicle-specific* Owner's Handbook for selected BMW models**. When using this system for the first time, you require an Internet connection. Once you have entered the vehicle identification number (VIN) the Owner's Handbook that matches your vehicle is downloaded and is then also available without an internet connection. Within the Driver's Guide you can manage a number of vehicles.


The Driver’s Guide is a vehicle-specific Owner's Handbook for BMW i models. Find out about the benefits of your vehicle with the complete Owner's Handbook, a search by pictures or explanatory animations. The better you know the vehicle, the less effort you need when driving.


Experience the pleasure of driving in tenths of a second and m/s². BMW M Laptimer is a tool for analysing data on racetracks and automatically calculating lap times. The app records precise BMW sensor data directly from every BMW model fitted with BMW Apps*.


Your driving style can be interpreted from a wide range of recorded sensor data, including your car's steering angle, accelerator pedal and G-force. Improve your lap times by analysing this data to increase your driving skill and precision.


The digital version of the BMW Magazine also includes its own, regularly updated and exclusive features. Editorial content is complemented by reports, picture galleries and videos, and is updated at regular intervals. All of which allows readers to explore new design trends, travel destinations and the rich diversity of modern life.


Experience the BMW brand and meet people whose visions keep the world on the move.


With the new BMW ParkingAssistant the tiresome topic of expired parking times finally comes to an end. Deal with important tasks or do all the shopping at your leisure without constantly checking the time or wondering how long your park ticket is still valid. Because unlike conventional parking meter apps, this special BMW app reminds you exactly when you have to start from your current position to get back to your car in due time.