BMW ConnectedDrive connects you to your vehicle and the rest of the world. The BMW Shop gives you the option of equipping your BMW with digital services and more, or extending their subscriptions. This allows you to experience extra comfort, entertainment and security.

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Connected Package

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Connected Package Plus

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Connected Package Professional

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Remote Services


The Remote Package lets you control and monitor your BMW remotely using your smartphone.

starting at $59.00

Real Time Traffic Information


Real Time Traffic Information keeps you updated on the current traffic situation. Our service informs you of traffic congestion, traffic delays and incidents and can suggest alternate routes.

starting at $109.00

Adaptive M suspension


Comfort and performance: The Adaptive M suspension adapts to your driving style as well as to the road, providing the best driving experience and safety.

starting at $650.00
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BMW Online


Find out everything you need to know while on the road via the integrated SIM card: latest news, weather forecasts or points of interest.

starting at $89.00

BMW Drive Recorder


You get the picture: With the BMW Drive Recorder you can film beautiful landscapes as well as critical driving situations in road traffic.

starting at $19.00

BMW Service Inclusive Plus


With BMW Service Inclusive Plus, you now, and for the time period of your choice, no longer need to worry about the costs of included services.

e.g. from $4,665.00
for a 2020 BMW 3 series

Apple CarPlay Preparation


The Apple CarPlay® Preparation enables an iPhone® to be used wirelessly, conveniently and safely via the user interface in the vehicle.

starting at $450.00

Remote Engine Start


With the new Remote Engine Start feature, your BMW will always be at the temperature you want when you get in – and it is extremely easy to use.

starting at $690.00

USB Map Update


With the USB map updates you can update all your navigation maps with one click - simply load onto a USB stick and install in your car.

starting at $89.00

Concierge Services


Whether you need an ATM, fuel station, travel destination or are searching for a specific restaurant: a BMW ConnectedDrive agent is there to support you around the clock, whenever required.

starting at $199.00
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Online Speech Processing


Your BMW obeys your every command. Thanks to online speech processing, your vehicle can understand you better than ever before.

starting at $59.00

BMW Service Inclusive


With BMW Service Inclusive, you now, and for the time period of your choice, no longer need to worry about the costs of included services.

e.g. from $1,750.00
for a 2020 BMW 3 series

High Beam Assistant


Safely through the night: You will no longer need to think about switching between low beam and high beam thanks to the High Beam Assistant. In your BMW, this is done automatically.

starting at $259.00

IconicSounds Sport


A driving experience that stirs all the senses: transport your vehicle’s unmistakable, sporty BMW sound directly into the vehicle interior with the IconicSounds Sport feature.

starting at $220.00