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The new BMW i3 and BMW i3s models are moving into the urban landscape. These manoeuvrable, silent city cruisers guarantee maximum performance. But if you don't have a BMW i3 or BMW i3s at hand, why not entertain yourself with some high-tech gadgets?

19 November 2019


Taking photos while you are driving is not a good idea, unless you have a fully autonomous flying drone in your luggage. The AirDog follows you independently, allowing you to take spectacular aerial shots, for example on an emission-free drive in the BMWi3.

Inmotion V8

The agile BMWi3 and BMWi3s electric cars casually make their way through any city. If you find an alley too narrow for that performance duo, why not switch to a practical Inmotion V8 from Hammer International? This revolutionary unicycle is steered and accelerated by shifting your weight.


The E-Go2 electric longboard may not reach 160 km/h like the BMWi3s, but you can travel at 30 km/h with this electric longboard. Even with the electric motor, you’ll still work up a sweat.


The PowerRay underwater drone gives you a completely new perspective. Specially designed for anglers and divers, its built-in camera reveals an underwater world on your smartphone, and shows you fish that would otherwise remain hidden.

Torqeedo outboards

Our electric cars may not drive on water, but their batteries do: in Torqeedo’s electric outboards for motorboats. This producer of outboards and inboards for hybrid and electric boats demonstrates just how versatile BMW i3 batteries are.

Acton RocketSkates

If your next meeting is in five minutes and you are at the other end of the company site, Acton RocketSkates could be just what you need. Simply attach these electric extensions to your shoes and reach your destination at up to 16km/h.


The new BMW i3 and BMW i3s.

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