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Barely on the road and the BMW 3 Series Sedan is already leaving everything behind it, including conventions and expectations. Once again the icon displays how to reinvent itself. After all, with the pioneering design language, it stands for the dawning of a new era. Propelling the ultimate sports saloon are even more powerful and efficient engines. And a new force – simply say “Hey BMW” and the BMW 3 Series recognises your voice and heeds your every word.

13 October 2020

CO2 emissions 167–35 g/km (combined)
Fuel consumption 7.3–1.5 l/100 km (combined)

5 good reasons for the BMW 3 Series Sedan

  1. Recognises your voice and listens to your wishes
  2. With up to 374 horsepower in the M340i xDrive more dynamic than ever
  3. Honed design meets the wish for sheer driving pleasure
  4. BMW Laserlight illuminates the road up to 530 m ahead
  5. Access to the vehicle via smartphone

Ready for your BMW 3 Series?

Experience what it means to drive into a new dawning era. Discover the new force of the BMW 3 Series Sedan that heeds your every word.

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For many customers, the BMW 3 Series is the ultimate BMW and the face of the brand. With the seventh generation, the BMW 3 Series starts a new chapter in the history of BMW design language: the clear contours and poetical surfaces enhance these model’s innate dynamics with modern presence. And the new BMW 3 Series dares to think outside the familiar design box.
Adrian van Hooydonk

Senior Vice President BMW Group Design

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The original: The first generation scores high points with its top-class equipment and quickly gains many fans. 1,364,039 models of the 3 Series were sold.
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Unmistakable: The second generation of the BMW 3 Series established itself permanently in the hearts of car lovers. From 1982, it could be ordered with a diesel engine, four doors or all-wheel drive.
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24-hour winner: The unbeatable athletic nature of the third generation BMW 3 Series Sedan won the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in 1998 with a diesel engine. It came standard with an airbag for the first time.
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Bestseller: The fourth generation BMW 3 Series Sedan is the most successful with more than 3.2 million sold.
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More efficient than ever: With BMW EfficientDynamics, the fifth generation is especially fuel-efficient, but still sportier than ever before – with an Automatic Start/Stop function that prevents unnecessary consumption at traffic lights.
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The road to the future: The BMW 3 Series Sedan of the sixth generation does more than continue a 40-year story of success. It is also available for the first time as a plug-in hybrid.
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The current generation is propelled by a new force – simply say “Hey BMW” and the BMW 3 Series recognises your voice – and heeds your every word.


The BMW 3 Series Sedan.

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