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In the BMW Z4, driving pleasure knows no bounds. Especially when the roof comes down. A roadster that could not be any better: open, sporty and uncompromising. With powerful driving dynamics and a progressive design, it has only one aim: the freedom between the road and the open sky.

13 October 2020

CO2 emissions 168–139 g/km (combined)
Fuel consumption 7.4–6.1 l/100 km (combined)

5 good reasons for the BMW Z4

  1. Races as BMW Z4 M40i in 7:55.4 minutes around the Nordschleife
  2. Interior defined by clear design and use of selected decorative features
  3. For the first time vertical tubes for daytime running lights and high beam
  4. Sheer unfiltered driving pleasure
  5. More talented than ever thanks to teachable Intelligent Personal Assistant

Go straight to your BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 demonstrates its sporty origins on the road. You too can now experience driving dynamics of the superlative class.

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The vehicle concept of the Z4 is geared consistently towards agility and driving dynamics.
Jos van As

Head of application driving dynamic    

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From 1995, the BMW Z3 enables BMW to successfully position itself in the roadster segment and reach a new dimension with sales of almost 300,000 vehicles.
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The first BMW Z4 in 2002 gets to the heart of the matter: this is exactly what a BMW Roadster has to look like and how it has to drive. The BMW Z4 is an automotive experience for all senses in its purest form.
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Beauty is in the family: the second generation BMW Z4 also clearly displays its roots to the outside world. Its long bonnet, dynamic side contours and distinctive tail promise one thing above all else: sheer driving pleasure.
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The latest BMW Z4 demonstrates its sporty origins on the road. Thanks to the latest technology, its low position on the road and systematic weight optimisation, it achieves impressive performance values – and driving dynamics of the superlative class.


The BMW Z4.

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