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The BMW X4 M Automobiles offer a maximum level of passion and adrenaline: The BMW X4 M, with its motorsport DNA, offers driving dynamics of the highest calibre – taken to new heights in the BMW X4 M Competition, which is simply thrilling on every road and racetrack with its maximum levels of output and exclusivity. The BMW X4 M40d delivers an impressive balance of performance, comfort and efficiency.

2 August 2019

CO2 emissions 239–170 g/km (combined)
Fuel consumption 10.5–6.4 l/100 km (combined)

5 good reasons for a BMW X4 M

  1. Outstanding motorsports genes and driving dynamics on the highest level
  2. Connected cockpit for contemporary mobility
  3. Interior combines ergonomics and perfect craftsmanship
  4. The exterior is a statement of self-assured sporting flair
  5. All-wheel drive system for superior performance on any surface

Ready for your BMW X4 M?

Claim your territory on every road: Experience the outstanding performance of the BMW X4 M Automobiles.

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The BMW X4 M Competition allies the expressive temperament of the BMW X4 with the exclusive high-performance ambitions of BMW M.
Markus Flasch,

President BMW M GmbH 


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