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Uncompromisingly non-conformist – the BMW X6 stands for provocative self-assertiveness. Above all, this is visible in the extremely athletic body of the vehicle along with the new, distinctive design language, which is displayed by the supreme exclusivity and visionary technologies such as the impressive BMW kidney grille ‘Iconic Glow’. All of this primarily points to one thing: absolute dominance, which the BMW X6 demonstrates quite matter-of-factly on every route thanks to a powerful engine, precise suspension and features such as the xOffroad package. Experience a previously unseen new way of exceeding expectations with the BMW X6.

13 October 2020

CO2 emissions 242–153 g/km (combined)
Fuel consumption 10.6–5.8 l/100 km (combined)

Five good reasons for the BMW X6

  1. Dominant and distinctive design
  2. Radiant power through the BMW kidney grille ‘Iconic Glow’
  3. Masterful agility
  4. Extremely powerful engine
  5. Forward-looking technologies for comfort and communication

Your BMW X6 is waiting for you

The BMW X6 impresses with its powerful dominance as well as technical innovations. Convince yourself of its many talents.

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With the first generation of the BMW X6, BMW launched a model that is unique in its segment. The Sport Activity Coupé impressed with its powerful engines and powerful all-wheel drive, making it one of the most dynamic cars in the SUV class.
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In 2014, the second generation of the BMW X6 came onto the market, which presented itself even more sporty and luxurious and scored with superior performance and extended standard equipment.
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In the new BMW X6 the BMW 'Iconic Glow' kidney is installed for the first time. Innovative technologies in terms of communication and comfort and a powerful engine ensure an unprecedented driving experience.
The new BMW X6 polarises and provokes. As the first of its kind, the X6 stands more than ever for an independent and self-confident character.
Domagoj Dukec, Head of Design BMW