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Light and art melt into one

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The fascinating light art by the artist duo Studio Drift blurs the borders between technology and nature. Whether fragile sculptures shaped like flowers or an artistic swarm of birds made of illuminated drones – you will discover art that shows the world in new light.

21 November 2019

When technology and art come together it often results in an experience that is both fascinating and impressive. Something that captivates the viewer and unleashes emotions. This is embodied in a vehicle like the BMW Concept 8 Series, but also especially in the works by Lonneke Gordijen and Ralph Nauta from Studio Drift. In their groundbreaking pieces of art, they always combine the technical and the natural in a never-before-seen way.    

Studio Drift – the poetic designers

Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta met each other at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and in 2007 they founded the Studio Drift in Amsterdam. Their focus is on the creation of multi-disciplinary and interactive installations and films, sculptures and objects. They always bring to their pieces a clear blend of the latest science fiction inspired by high-tech images combined with poetic pictures.


Emotional technology is not an oxymoron

Art by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta appears poetic, intricate and even alive, yet they are also always highly technical and very innovative. For this reason, for each new project, it is essential for the artists to work with programmers and engineers.    

Hand holding an electrical part and Ralph Nauta at the work tableHand holding an electrical part and Ralph Nauta at the work table

Only by working closely together with experts from universities and research institutes is it possible to bring to life the almost magical artworks – and sometimes it takes years until they are fully realised. 

Studio Drift in the AlpsStudio Drift in the Alps

The environment can’t be experienced in a studio

Studio Drift explores the world wherever it appears. Their sources of inspiration can be found outdoors in nature.

Studio Drift in a caveStudio Drift in a cave
People find the time to view art in an art gallery, but the world is one big exhibition if you just look at it.
Lonneke Gordijn

Shylight sculptures: light in movement

Just as every flower bloom is unique, every Shylight sculpture
has its own pattern of movement.
Fragile lights made of many layers of the finest silk unfold smoothly – and then close again. Over and over again, in a choreography designed down to the last millimetre, like graceful dancers on a stage.


Harmoniously light and very complex

Over the skies of Miami – an art space

At Art Basel in Miami Beach, Studio Drift and BMW presented their newest collaborative light project “Franchise Freedom” – a flying sculpture and crossroads for technology, science, nature and art.

A swarm of 300 illuminated drones rose to emotional, classical music in the evening light of Miami Beach. The drones were perfectly independent, yet together simulated the flight of starlings.

Illuminated drones in the night skyIlluminated drones in the night sky

Never before has such a natural phenomenon of this magnitude been artistically interpreted with autonomous flying drones. Studio Drift developed a special algorithm which arose from observing the flying patterns and flying forms of the birds. This led to the drones performance “Franchise Freedom” – a true work of nature’s art, initiated by Studio Drift in partnership with BMW.

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Studio Drift with light installationStudio Drift with light installation
BMW believed in our idea and as a manufacturer understands how complicated and complex these innovation processes are.
Studio Drift

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