#NEXTGen Voices

Drivers for change

The current pandemic is not the only challenge leaders are facing right now. All around us, transformation is happening. Join our experts for a talk about how to master change through empowerment and curiosity.

13 November 2020

How can leadership drive transformation?

Is change the only constant thing? And if it is, how can we use it to our advantage? Listen as our leadership experts Ilka Horstmeier (Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Human Resources and Labour Director) and Marie Langer (CEO of EOS GmbH) share their insights on what great leadership is and the transformative power it can have in a panel discussion hosted by Steffi Czerny, co-founder and Managing Director of Digital Life Design (DLD). 

What is leadership?

And what drives you to lead in the way you do? Find out how both leaders answer all the big questions about their experiences with leadership and transformation and how they have lived up to the responsibility these tasks bring with them.  

From digitalisation to the changes that they need for sustainability, diversity and purpose will bring, our leaders shed light on how motivation and inner conviction are key when adapting to a new normal and keeping talent engaged. Join them to hear what transformation is, how leaders can guide it and how it can be turned into a real opportunity.

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