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The most state-of-the-art facility of its kindThe most state-of-the-art facility of its kind
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The most state-of-the-art facility of its kind

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The mobility of the future must be measured by new standards. BMW is staying abreast of these high standards with its 11,400 m² simulation centre, boasting technological innovation and unique opportunities.

3 August 2022

From the lab to the streets: simulating futuristic driving pleasure

Building work in Munich began in 2018 and the new Driving Simulation Centre will be put into operation gradually. Here, the BMW Group is turning the most progressive concept in the automotive industry into reality. A total of 14 driving simulators make it possible to test the very latest BMW innovations and vehicle technology of the future. Covering an area of 11,400 m², the new facility provides the optimal simulation tool for each stage of development, making it possible to integrate the customer in development at a whole new level.

All-new high fidelity driving simulator.All-new high fidelity driving simulator.

The future of driving simulation: even closer to reality

What will test drives look like in the future? At the new BMW Driving Simulation Centre, the use of VR glasses means it does not start in a conventional simulator. The Seamless Simulator Experience allows test persons to immerse themselves even deeper in the virtual driving situation. The outcome is more valid and reliable results.

The future of mobility is depicted particularly accurately in the High Fidelity Simulator. This weighs 83 metric tons in total and moves around in an area of roughly 400 m². It makes it possible to simulate inner-city traffic, which poses a particularly diverse range of challenges for automated driving systems, under laboratory conditions. 

The High Dynamic Simulator also sets new benchmarks. It allows the simulation of highly-dynamic evasive manoeuvres, full braking and hard acceleration.

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

Voices, world premieres and the stories behind the future of mobility – and beyond. This and more is waiting for you.

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