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BMW eDrive – future mobility for todayBMW eDrive – future mobility for today
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BMW eDrive – future mobility for today

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From research and development to production, BMW is the first automotive manufacturer to cover every aspect of the process chain behind electric driving in isolation. The joy of electric driving can be found in every last detail.

3 August 2022

E-mobility made by BMW

Electromobility is in BMW’s genes. The BMW i3 and the BMW i8 electric sports car have been setting benchmarks in e-mobility since 2013. In that time, BMW has significantly expanded its range of BMW eDrive, BMW hybrid and BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles. By 2030, half of all newly certified BMW vehicles will feature fully-electric or plug-in hybrid drive systems. BMW already has everything in place to make that possible. Battery modules, high-voltage batteries and electric motors are built in Dingolfing. From 2021, the new BMW iX will also roll off the production line there. In Munich, BMW Group is already developing the next generation of battery cells, which are manufactured at the pilot plant in Parsdorf and tested on the eDrive system test bench in Munich.

Next generation battery cells.Next generation battery cells.

The power of choice

At the core of the BMW eDrive strategy is the maxim that every driver should always receive the best and most suitable overall package for their individual needs. When it comes to electromobility, this primarily means achieving a perfect balance between performance and range. That is the goal for the fifth generation of BMW’s eDrive technology, which will be used in the BMW i4 and BMW iX from 2021. 

With this technology it is not only possible to cover long routes powered purely by electricity and with typical BMW driving dynamics, but the latest BMW eDrive technology is also a symbol of sustainability. Only renewable electricity is used in all stages of production. As production volumes increase, the switch to green power will save around ten million tonnes of CO2 over the coming decade. That is roughly the quantity of CO2 generated by a city the size of Munich every year. Furthermore, this is possible without rare earth elements. With every BMW eDrive, sustainability begins well before the car hits the streets.  

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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