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Episode 2: Is this the look of tomorrow?Episode 2: Is this the look of tomorrow?
Chasing iNEXT

Episode 2: Is this the look of tomorrow?

#NEXTGen is a BMW Group Platform


In this episode, our film team is hot on the trail of the iNEXT again. As they visit the design team tasked with taking the iconic BMW design language a bold step further, they catch a glimpse of the visionary supercar – or do they?

3 August 2022

Chasing iNEXT: a behind-the-scenes visit of the BMW design department

How do you build on the iconic BMW designs of the past to create the visionary supercar of the future? Join our film team and meet the talented designers challenged with this exciting task. Take a sneak peek into the next step in the evolution of car design and learn why “emotions first” is the new design mantra.

Designing the iNEXT: Is this the look of tomorrow?Designing the iNEXT: Is this the look of tomorrow?

On their journey, our team also takes a deep dive into all aspects of designing the next big thing in e-mobility to find it’s not only about the look – it’s about the sound as well. And not the sound of silence you would expect from an electric car. But what does the car of the future sound like? And does legendary composer and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer have the answers? Watch as each story brings our film team closer to finding the visionary supercar during this second episode. (And possibly get an unplanned look at the super-secret developments around the newest member of the BMW Motorrad family, too!)

About the series: 
Chasing iNEXT is the centrepiece of this year’s #NEXTGen. With its unique approach to storytelling and distinctly ironic humour, it tells the stories of the humans behind the latest product innovations of the BMW Group in a totally new way. 

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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