Chasing iNEXT

Episode 4: Is my car more intelligent than me?

In this fourth episode, the documentary film team gets access to the secret vaults of the BMW intelligence agency, meets guys that eat terabytes for breakfast, and learns why the car of the future will be a far better driver than you.

24 November 2020

Discover the secret vaults of the BMW intelligence agency

Will the iNEXT be just another electrified car? Or will it be a smart device on wheels? And how smart is smart when we are talking about cars? Lots of questions. But the experts at BMW have one simple answer: The iNEXT will be smart enough to make better decisions than you. That’s why it’s called autonomous driving. 

Speaking of autonomous driving, was that a glimpse of the MINI Vision Urbanaut we caught?!? 

Ok, time to calm down. Let’s rejoin our film team and meet the people behind the smart systems of the iNEXT: the developers who enable its “brain” to compute vast amounts of data, making it ever more intelligent as it drives along. Explore with them if the machines really are taking over and if that is a good or a bad thing. 

About the series:
Chasing iNEXT is the centrepiece of this year’s #NEXTGen. With its unique approach to storytelling and distinctly ironic humour, it tells the stories of the humans behind the latest product innovations of the BMW Group in a totally new way.

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