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Episode 5: How green can a supercar be? Episode 5: How green can a supercar be?
Chasing iNEXT

Episode 5: How green can a supercar be?

#NEXTGen is a BMW Group Platform


In this fifth episode, the documentary film team gets a look at the super-innovative “FaSi” and learns about the uncompromising commitment of BMW’s engineers and employees to lower emissions, recycle and become sustainable.

3 August 2022

Meet the people who make transformation happen

Germany is currently known for two things: a lack of speed limits and a knack for recycling. How fitting that the biggest task at BMW is to combine these two national obsessions. The manufacturer is on a mission to transform the current mindset and make room for more sustainable mobility. 

Chasing iNEXT: Discover where real transformation happens!Chasing iNEXT: Discover where real transformation happens!

On this journey of discovery, our film team runs into the people – and “FaSi” – that make things happen. What they find is an uncompromising commitment to go as green as possible, the most advanced driving simulator in the world, and BMW employees that enjoy shredding old vehicles. They also come across what it means to rethink something as seemingly unimportant as floor mats and end up with a solution for 320 million products every year. Oh, and they finally find the answer to the age-old question of whether German engineers love their inventions more than their wives. A true tale of transformation.

About the series:
Chasing iNEXT is the centrepiece of this year’s #NEXTGen. With its unique approach to storytelling and distinctly ironic humour, it tells the stories of the humans behind the latest product innovations of the BMW Group in a totally new way.

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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