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Which team will win the BMW iX?Which team will win the BMW iX?
BMW Esports

Which team will win the BMW iX?

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They may be heroes in the League of Legends arena, but how will they fare when competing for the BMW iX as a team vehicle? Help our Esports crews on their mission to claim the visionary supercar in their team colours.

3 August 2022

Which gamer wouldn’t want the BMW iX?

To be honest: we can’t think of one. The supercar is, after all, a smart device that is so amazingly intuitive it feels like good gameplay. And the BMW Esports teams seem to agree. After all, all of them showed up to ask you to help them with a very special mission.  

What is this all about? A showdown for the BMW iX. Just after it premieres here on #NEXTGen, one of our “United in Rivalry” teams will be able to claim it as their team vehicle in their team colours. But they won’t be able to do it without your help. They’ll need you to participate in a fan quiz. And the team whose fans do best will get to take the visionary supercar home from the “BMW Esports Boost” on 12 April 2021. 

Watch as Cloud 9 (US), Fnatic (UK), Funplus Phoenix (CN), G2 Esports (DE) and T1 (KR) ask for your help on their Twitter challenge starting 14 November 2020 and join your favourite BMW Esports team on their BMW iX mission.

Esports: a new and exciting discipline for BMW.

A true global player when it comes to supporting sports, BMW has recently extended its partner roster to the world of Esports and SIM racing. Supporting numerous international teams competing in games such as “League of Legends”, BMW has seen some truly exciting and top-level sportsmanship from their players this year and is looking forward to driving and co-creating the future of this fascinating discipline. 

In virtual racing, BMW is proud to present BMW Motorsport SIM Racing. After numerous BMW Cups on various platforms, drivers and manufacturer alike are looking forward to the season highlight – the BMW SIM LIVE Event. Held on 5 December 2020, it will see some of the most successful SIM racers in the world battle it out for the title and over 30,000 euros in prize money.

But BMW sees itself playing a bigger part than just supporting the teams or focusing on the entertainment value. Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW, is convinced that topics such as physical and mental fitness, console time limits and using our virtual worlds responsibly need to be discussed, too. And they will be. Besides premiering latest developments and giving stakeholders a space to meet and discuss, BMW plans to make these themes part of its Esports meet-up “BMW Esports Boost” on 12 April 2021.

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There’s more to see

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