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Supercar Blondie meets Steve AokiSupercar Blondie meets Steve Aoki
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Supercar Blondie meets Steve Aoki

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How come that Steve Aoki is constantly changing his self-concept? Watch as Supercar Blondie delves into the personal life story of the avowed BMW fan and tech enthusiast. Learn about barriers to success and how to overcome struggles.

3 August 2022

Steve Aoki, are you a changer?

He is a Grammy-nominated DJ, producer, philanthropist, record label head and multipreneur, tech enthusiast and BMW fan. Watch as Supercar Blondie is joined by none other than Steve Aoki in a conversation about change, inspired by the new BMW iX. After all, the electric supercar is all about change. It marks a new era and represents the future of BMW.

Taking a closer look at his life, Supercar Blondie discovers that Steve Aoki welcomes change. He remains open to the most diverse topics of this world, he learns, he connects with people. Aoki impressively portrays his perspective on our way of life and how he constantly transforms the stresses and strains of change into something new and powerful. He gives us an insight into how he positively impacts his environment and an outlook on future topics that are important to him. 

Supercar Blondie meets Steve Aoki.Supercar Blondie meets Steve Aoki.

The Supercar Blondie iXperience

The Supercar Blondie iXperience is a talk format hosted by Alex Hirschi and sees her welcome an awesome selection of guests to talk about change. Check out more episodes with shark attack survivor and Surfer’s hall of fame inductee Bethany Hamilton as well as viral creator and filmmaker Zach King – changemakers in their own way.

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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