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Supercar Blondie meets Zach King Supercar Blondie meets Zach King
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Supercar Blondie meets Zach King

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Is one’s own creativity magic? And can it be passed along? Supercar Blondie meets Top-3 TikToker Zach King to talk about how he developed from “just a nerd” into a successful and creative content creator.

3 August 2022

Zach King, how have you managed to stay ahead?

Alex Hirschi catches up with one of the most successful and best known TikTokers of all time, Zach King, to dive into his meteoric social media career and his take on change. King shares with her how he evolved from a modern one-man magician act to a multi-platform content creator. He sheds light on how he grasped the potential of TikTok when it was still Musically and how getting rejected by film school couldn’t hold him back. With his ambition fuelled, autodidact King taught himself the video skills he needed and used his passion to create great content and make the clips that shot him to fame. During his career, King has realised which parts of filmmaking he excels at and which parts he should best leave to others. This mix of passion and empowering others has enabled King to stay ahead of the constantly changing social media landscape.

Supercar Blondie meets Zach King.Supercar Blondie meets Zach King.

The Supercar Blondie iXperience

The Supercar Blondie iXperience is a talk format hosted by Alex Hirschi and sees her welcome an awesome selection of guests to talk about change. Check out more episodes with surfer Bethany Hamilton and musician Steve Aoki, changemakers in their own right.

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There’s more to see

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