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A Hypebeast talk with KITH and BMWA Hypebeast talk with KITH and BMW
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A Hypebeast talk with KITH and BMW

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The design thinking process – does it really differ when designing fashion or designing cars? In their designer talk, Ronnie Fieg from urban streetwear brand KITH and Anne Forschner from BMW compare notes and talk about the hyped BMW x KITH collaboration.

3 August 2022

Designing cars, designing fashion

From contemporary fashion to automotive design, the creative process always starts with a brilliant idea. Follow us as we go behind the scenes with Hypebeast and take a peek into the lives of two creatives – Ronnie Fieg from KITH and Anne Forschner from BMW – to compare their design thinking processes and watch them as they put pen to paper.

Go behind the scenes of the BMW x KITH collaboration

Discover their takes on designing anything from lux urban streetwear to the BMW M4 and see how their ideas evolve and come to life. And finally, get an in-depth look at the BMW M4 COMPETITION X KITH.

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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