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Sustainability and responsibilitySustainability and responsibility
MINI x Paul Smith

Sustainability and responsibility

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Just like MINI, designer Sir Paul Smith is an iconic British brand. Find out how they are both reinventing themselves under the mantle of sustainability.

3 August 2022

Innovation and future vision of design

MINI always was, and still is, a design icon that defined the idea of the Clever Use of Space. In his talk with Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI design, British designer Paul Smith reveals that MINI, as a forward-thinking and innovative brand, has always influenced him in many ways. For both Smith and MINI alike, design also means the responsible use of resources. In that regard, MINI is taking a holistic view: what materials are used in the vehicle, how they are produced and how they can be applied to achieve the most positive effect on the environment. A striking example of this approach is the MINI Vision Urbanaut, an all-new interpretation of a MINI that offers more interior space and versatility than ever before, but still on a minimal footprint.

Paul Smith.Paul Smith.

Future collaboration between Paul Smith and MINI

Whether it’s fashion, automotive or architecture, a challenge for any designer is the ambition to combine distinctive design with sustainability. With the lifecycle of a production car of approximately three to seven years, MINI cares to stay fashionable for a long period of time. The fashion industry, on the other hand, is fast-moving. 

Paul Smith and MINI are both iconic British brands with a sustainable vision. They are destined to take on this journey together. Stay tuned for the second collaboration between Paul Smith and MINI since 1999.

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