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Discover a vision of a MINI with a larger and more versatile interior than ever – the vision vehicle MINI Vision Urbanaut, an all-new interpretation of a space concept.

17 November 2020

Discover the MINI Vision Urbanaut

The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a vision vehicle that makes the most of a small footprint. In a world in which the boundaries between work and leisure, nature and architecture, and real and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred, the car’s creative spacious concept shows what individual mobility of the future could look like. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, explains: “The MINI brand has always stood for 'Clever Use of Space'. In the Mini Vision Urbanaut, we extend private space far into the public realm, creating completely new and enriching experiences.”

The MINI spirit with a new look and new capabilities

The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a MINI the likes of which we have never seen before, and yet, it is immediately identifiable as a MINI. Designed as a MINI with e-drive and the ability to employ automated driving, it has many new facets and capabilities. The versatile interior layout provides the basis for various cosy seating arrangements.. At the same time, the MINI Vision Urbanaut offers three MINI moments – “Chill”, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe” – to present a wide range of possible usage scenarios. The exterior and interior change to reflect the MINI moment at hand and set the stage for an all-encompassing experience – including sounds, scent, ambient light and a whole light orchestration on the exterior. 

The exterior of the MINI vision car reinterprets iconic design features, such as the headlights and radiator grille, and adds new elements never before seen on a MINI, including the illuminated wheels, which are reminiscent of skateboard wheels. All this makes the MINI Vision Urbanaut nonconformist and idiosyncratic. Totally new and, for this very reason, typically MINI.

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