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Supercar Blondie’s exclusive BMW iX premiereSupercar Blondie’s exclusive BMW iX premiere
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Supercar Blondie’s exclusive BMW iX premiere

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Buckle in and watch as Supercar Blondie does her version of a BMW iX premiere and lets you in on what the BMW iX is really about.

3 August 2022

A visionary supercar deep dive

Supercar Blondie. The all new BMW iX. A world premiere. Do we have to say more? Probably not – we’ll just leave that to her. Tune in as she presents the visionary supercar, feature for feature, and lets you in on her take on alternative engines. You can also look forward to a Pieter Nota cameo – of course, we’ll just have to ask some questions while he’s there – and Supercar Blondie’s exclusive first-hand BMW iX experience. What is the vehicle all about? And what role will it play in the future for BMW? Watch to find out!

Supercar Blondie.Supercar Blondie.
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There’s more to see

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