#NEXTGen Voices

How will the new consumer change in the future?

Where is the consumer mindset headed? Thought leaders from around the globe come together to discuss their visions for the short, medium and long term.

17 November 2020

Understanding new consumers and togetherness in the 2020s and beyond

How has the digital era and collaboration culture changed consumer behaviour? Has the pandemic sped things up? These are crucial questions with the potential to disrupt entire industries. Understanding togetherness and this new consumer awareness is key to establishing positive customer relationships in the future. 

#NEXTGen invited a number of high-profile insiders to discuss the effects and changes of the consumer mindset. The #NEXTGen Mindset panel features global experts and thought leaders such as David Fischer (Highsnobiety), Michael Dujardin (Tomorrowland), Anne Lise Kjaer (Kjaer Global) and Jens Thiemer (BMW). Watch their discussion and gain valuable insights into the new consumer mindset and buyer behaviour in the 2020s and beyond.

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