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Meet MINI start-up accelerator URBAN-XMeet MINI start-up accelerator URBAN-X
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Meet MINI start-up accelerator URBAN-X

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Ever wondered how to make a city better? We go behind the scenes of URBAN-X, a start-up accelerator by MINI, to meet Micah Kotch and Johan Schwind, as well as Sissi Liu from Metalmark, an URBAN-X alumni company.

3 August 2022

From urban mobility to urban tech: MINI and Urban Us create a platform for entrepreneurs

Thinking about the future of urban mobility alone is not enough. We have to think about the future of cities as a whole. And nobody can relate to that better than an urban brand. That’s why MINI teamed up with Urban Us to create the early stage start-up accelerator URBAN-X. The platform aims to change cities for the better by supporting start-ups that reimagine city life. 

Reimagining city life

Watch and listen as the experts at URBAN-X, Micah Kotch and Johan Schwind, share their vision for future cities. And also get insights from Sissi Liu, CEO at accelerated start-up Metalmark, who takes us on a deep dive into clean air for all and being a part of URBAN-X.

URBAN-X: start-ups focused on urban innovation.URBAN-X: start-ups focused on urban innovation.

Reimagining city life

In this vision story, Micah Kotch (Managing Director URBAN-X), Johan Schwind (Design Director URBAN-X), and Sissi Liu (CEO and Co-Founder Metalmark) take us behind the scenes of the start-up accelerator created by MINI in 2016. 

When building this global platform for entrepreneurs, MINI used its unique perspective as an innovative and iconic urban brand to tackle the subject of sustainable cities. Together with its partner Urban Us, MINI has helped numerous start-ups reimagining cities of tomorrow to turn their ideas into impact – one of them being Metalmark. 

Watch as our three experts share insightful stories about being a part of URBAN-X, their main vision, how they support start-ups, what makes URBAN-X so special, and how they supported Metalmark in their mission to secure clean air for all. 

There’s more to see

There’s more to see

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